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BLIK BLIK_Digital playground

Welcome the festival of light and art BLIK BLIK in a new form. The digital playground brings the best of contemporary audiovisual art in a playful and entertaining way. Interactive lighting installations will enjoy children and adults alike.

Games with light and space experiences

Bus hall with an area of 800 m² will turn into the world full of light experiments, sounds and imagination for almost 2 months. About 14 light installations from Czech and foreign artists will take you to a place where you will become a part of live installations and art objects. Create your own universe!

Discover the magical world of fantasy and movement

In the Digital Playground, anyone who has enough of imagination and isn't afraid of movement can become an artist. Try to control a rock or planet with a lightsaber or use your own movement to create human fireworks. Have you ever played life-size video games? Have you ever virtually saved the planet Earth? Come and try the light games. Look forward to a laser climbing frame, games with UV light, light painting, or an ultra-large ludo game.

The digital playground is open from July 2 to August 23.

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Lighting installations

GROW / Luboš Zbranek
Grow is an interactive light installation, which by musical expression of a player roots into space and grows into a branched digital crown. Environment reacts on a player and pianist becomes both performer and visual artist of his own unique concert. He attacks surrounding environment of an industrial hall and with music transforms symbolically artificial architecture into an organic structure.
Playground / INITY Interactive

An interactive game in which even 100 players at once can save the planet from space attacks. The balls fly on a giant 12-meter projection screen and thanks to the cooperation of the players can our planet be saved… as in real life…

Light drawing / WROart Media Center / Paweł Janicki a Dominika Sobolewska
The gestures of audience playing with flashing toys are recorded by the movement tracking system. Special software interactively transfers the information into picture and sound.

Painting [WRO Art Center, 01.06.2015] from Paweł Janicki on Vimeo.

Human firework / 3dsense
An interactive application for up to 5 people, where everyone controls their avatar made of small particles and determines its dynamics with their movement. The installation visually refers to the behavior of a bird flock, which is perfectly controlled by collective intelligence. When the individual's behavior changes, the maneuver resonates through the flock just like a magnetic wave.

The kennel / WROart Media Center
A wooden kennel for electronic dog which guards the entrance to the exhibition.
Back to the Moon / MgA. Lukáš Kellner / MULTILAB SUTNARKA
Save Laika wandering in the craters of the Moon. Apollo 11 is her only option for the journey home. But watch out for enemy satellites defending the lunar borders. A difficult task awaits you on your journey.
Echo / Vojtěch Žák Leischner /
Let the sound transform to the colors in an interactive playfull instalation. Scream out your frustrations to the microphone and let them slowly fade away.
Swarming / Vojtěch Žák Leischner /
Watch the swarming of colorful flock trying to escape from visitors to safety.

Tickets & Prices

Tickets are available on the place and in advance on or


  • 150 Kč       Adult
  • 100 Kč       Child 4-15 years / senior 65+ / ZTP
  • 350 Kč       Family ticket (2 adults + 2 children)
  • 80 Kč         Groups from 10 person
  • FREE          Child up to 3 years


Take the possibility to visit BLIK BLIK_Digital playground together with the Góóól exhibition and get a discounted tickets.

  • 200 Kč       Adult
  • 120 Kč        Child 4-15 years / senior 65+ / ZTP
  • 400 Kč       Family ticket (2 adults + 2 children)
  • FREE          Child up to 3 years