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BLIK BLIK 2022 - Festival of Light and Art

The BLIK BLIK festival of light and art in public space returns in its full beauty and size to the centre of Pilsen. The sixth annual edition in the traditional format will feature a total of 15 stops along a 2.5 km long route. 


A total of 15 stops, artists from around the world, and quality art tailored to the location. Artists not only from the Czech Republic but also from Slovakia, Hungary, France, and even as far away as Japan will show the best of contemporary digital art - laser mapping, video mapping, giant static projections or interactive light exhibits, and more - all of which visitors will be looking forward to.

The two indoor installations at St. Bartholomew's Cathedral and Koranda Choir will be subject to ticket purchase due to limited capacity. The accompanying program includes the premiere of the acrobatic light show "Camera Obscura" when the artistic acrobatic group Juggléros ensemble will transform the Bus Hall in DEPO2015 into one big light experience. 

Interior installations
This time, the newly restored interior of St. Bartholomew's Cathedral will take center stage, where one of the largest interior video mapping companies will play out the Gothic ceilings, altar, and other architectural elements in an impressive audiovisual installation called Heavenly Symphony. The artistic content of the installation is created by the French world-renowned art group AV Extended. 

The second indoor installation will be presented in its world premiere by the Koranda Evangelical Church. Visitors will use an interactive musical instrument to use laser beams to make out the tones and sounds as well as elements of the church's interior. Up to 3 players can play at a time, lighting up to 16 laser beams.

Festival Route:
Square of the Republic - historical centre of Pilsen - bank of the Radbuza River - U Ježíška park - foot bridge by Papírna - DEPO2015 - Korandův sbor

25th and 26th March, 18 - 24
The outdoor part of the festival is FREE.