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Pilsen Design Week 2019

Let us invite you to the fourth year of Pilsen Design Week. Together, we will show the West of Bohemia the best of contemporary Czech and international design at this regular November event.That’s how it looked last year. . And we are looking forward to your products, workshops and presentations this year again. We will be happy if you feel good in Pilsen.

You will break through in Germany too! Thanks to our cooperation with Regensburg we can help you get in the German market. Along with your registration at Pilsen Design Week, you can also get a sales stand at a discounted price at the Dilly Dally Designmarkt Regensburg, which will take place on November 2 – 3 11. 2019 and welcomes up to 6,000 visitors. Besides, its organisers will be at the Pilsen show selecting brands to present at the Pop-up Store on the 1st – 23Rd December 2019 in the historical centre of Regensburg.

Do you have a product, idea or know-how? But you don’t necessarily need to bring products or prototypes to Pilsen. We are also interested in your stories, experience and ideas.

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