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Up into the sky

The new interactive exhibition Up into the Sky will be open from 18 March to 31 August 2022.

Fly through the fascinating world in the clouds, experience the world of flying for yourself and become the mythical Icarus for a while! 

Fly on a magic flying carpet into a world of myths and fairy tales, take a peek into a nature lab inspired by flying animals and plants, and finally, take a journey from the origins of flight to the ethical issues and ecological impacts of flying today. You'll discover that the world above our heads holds many secrets and discovering them will be an amazing adventure.

Up in the Sky is an exhibition that will thrill not only families with children but also school groups. For schools, there are interesting lecturers who can serve 30 children at a time. Pupils will not only have fun, but will also learn about the laws of flight in a playful way, whether from the point of view of biology, physics or engineering, from the perspective of history and the present. But they will also touch on the future of aviation, flying cars and the conquest of space. With the lecturer, they will outline the topics of technological development, its environmental impact and ethical issues that today's generation of children will surely encounter in their lives. 

The exhibition is open on weekdays from 2pm to 6pm and on weekends, public holidays and school holidays from 10am to 6pm.

Entry to the exhibition is always by the hour in groups of 30 people. Visitors can purchase tickets for the day and exact hour in advance. 

The new exhibition Up into the Sky has been prepared in cooperation with the children's interactive museum Sladovna Písek, where the exhibition, with a changed appearance and without the elements added by the production at DEPO2015, will be on display in 2020 under the title Let's Fly High, and the Viennese children's museum ZOOM. 

TICKETS at Plzeňská vstupenka.


Adult 150 CZK
Children 6-15 years 100 CZK
Family 2+2 400 CZK
Students/Seniors/Senior citizens 120 CZK
Children under 5 years free

18.3 - 31.8. 2022