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Aislinn Janek

Aislinn Janek is an American Artist who is in residence within the Open A.i.R. program at DEPO2015 for the month of June 2019. She is interested in human universalities, intercultural relationships, and how language affects our sense of self.  She is intrigued by fragmentation of information caused by language barriers, as well as, how memories are created, stored, and altered over time.

Exhibition: Tessellation June 22nd – June 30th     2019 in DEPO2015

The linear quality that runs through nearly all of her paintings can be interpreted as the control we have over our own being.  The drawn, painted, or sewn lines illustrates time, repetition and how habitual actions contribute to one’s human make up.  The paper mosaic pieces are meticulously collaged onto the surface of the drawings and can be seen as one’s inner workings, emotions, and the reactions over one’s control.  


The tie dying or ink pouring, no matter how many times it is repeated, will continue to be an experiment. The unexpectedness of the medium must be accepted because it can hardly be swayed.  Similarly, how one does not control the information that is given, but one can only react to it.   

In her body of work, Aislinn Janek does not seek to provide answers, but rather celebrate the desire to push the boundary from known to unknown.  Through these works she is questioning language’s adequacy to express reality and analyze how humans use language to reveal and conceal truths.