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Benjamin Schlunk

Ateliers Nomades

Benjamin Schlunk is a French welder artist based in Strasbourg (France). After studying modern literature and Fine Arts in the south of France, he started to take a real interest on welding and metalwork. Afterwards he extended his practices in this fields in Germany, Switzerland and France. He has done several exhibitions of his work in France and Germany and published few books (Portail des Anges in 2004, La roue barrée in 2007, L´escalier in 2010). He is interested in the play with the movements and uses most of the time his favorite tool: a bike!

In the cooperation with CEAAC Strasbourg we invited Benjamin to come to Pilsen to organise a workshop for public. Benjamin created bikes as art objects from used materials. Visitors could help or even take a ride! 


WHEN: 17/07 and 18/07, always from 11am till 7pm

WHERE: DEPO2015, Makerspace

Free entry.

See the official FB event here.