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Michal Cáb

Poèmes Électroniques for Masses (media art)

Michal Cáb (* 1980) is a sound and multimedia artist based in Prague, Czech Republic. His artistic practice is centered on the mediums of noise improvisation, sound design, livecoding, programming and the construction of specific audio visual instruments, while he also utilizes and teaches about open¬source technologies. Michal finished his Ph.D. at the Academy of Fine Arts in
Prague (Studio of Intermedia Work III / Tomáš Vaněk School) which was focused on the use of programming languages as a basic artistic tool and the use of the programming language Pure Data in different artistic contexts. Occasionally he collaborates with other artists who work in the mediums of theater and visual arts. Michal is part of the livecoding band kolektiv.

During his residency at Youkobo Art Space, Michal prepared smaller radioart exhibition „Signals“ and turned gallery into kind of radioscape instrument. „Signals“ exhibition included a tribute to Tetsuo Kogawa and his micro FM transmitter and also tribute to performer Ito Tari. Main Michal's aim was to develope a multichannel audio system based on Raspberry Pi microcomputers. The first stage involved the development of the instrument and the programming of basic software and an interface. The second stage involved the writing of a composition for this
instrument called „Poème électronique pour le monde“ as a humble variation on Edgard Varèse. All code for instrument is published as opensource at

His residency also included the organization of opensource workshops in collaboration with Joshibi University of Art and Design, concerts and presentation at UEC and Tama Art University.

The final presenation will take place already this Sunday the 13th December.

Moreover, Michal decided to write regurarly a blog, we highly recommend it to your attention!