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MY PLASTICOUNTRY - art, design and recycling

Interactive exhibition

October 13, 2016 – February 28 2017

Plastic waste can be found even in places where human foot has never stepped in before. What needs to happen not to get an empty plastic bottle in the middle of the ocean and from there into the food chain. Do artists, designers and innovators have their say about it? Through the exhibition, we want to engage and inspire the public to change their relationship with plastic. Why? 30% of plastic waste in Europe is recycled, 40% is burned in incinerators, and 30% end up in a landfill. We want to show the artistic and design solutions, and we want to give people the opportunity to personally recycle and invent interesting design. Top artists such as Veronika Richter, an association Plastique Fantastique or Nicole Taubinger, designers from all over Europe and the authors of innovative solutions or promoters of recycling will be presented at the exhibition, which pushes the boundaries of interactive exhibitions focused on current topics.


• Plastique Fantastique (DE) – inflatable object

• Veronika Richterová: PETart

• Nicole Taubinger: Daisies and Network

• Benedikt Tolar: Grilled dust bins

• Iyo Hasegawa (JAP): new piece



• Studio Swine (UK) - Sea Chair project

• Dave Hakkens (NL) - Precious Plastic project

• Alexander Taylor (UK) – Adidas Parley for Oceans shoes

• Melisa shoes (Zaha Hadid, Vivienne Westwood etc)

• A. design (CZ)

• MupiMup (CZ / ISL)

• Anna Kozová - Trash made (CZ)