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Ewa Głowacka (1988) is an artist from Wroclaw interested in graphic design, infographics, open workshops and DIY (Do It Yourself) projects. She has been associated with the independent culture for many years and in her short but intense career she has collaborated with different organisations. Since 2011, she is part of the print collective SITO CRK (now SITWA), which is an open screen-print studio where they conduct workshops, meetings, exhibitions, and execute graphic commissions.

As she explains “the aim of the Parallel Structure II is to establish a dialogue with the representatives of independent culture from Pilsen. The basis of the project are meetings and interviews with cultural activists from Plzen. I perceive them as a chance to speak frankly and openly on the subject of influence and effects of ECoC”. In other words, Głowacka wants to evaluate the imprint of the ECoC in the independent culture scene now that the time has passed, “when emotions have subsided, people who were involved could rest and critics took some distance”. 

“The meetings will be summarized in the form of zine/mini-publication; a subjective archive created collaboratively and made by recorded interviews, maps, thoughts, infographics based on information and photographs from participants. This kind of visualisation will make the analysis easier to look at from the distance”. Indeed, this project will be her “next step in my infographic exploration”, a field in where her master thesis was focused on and a subject in which she has been deepening, improving and developing.

“I wonder how the structure of the artistic community in Pilsen looks like, if it’s similar to the one in Wroclaw, and if we have some points in common. What we can learn from them and what they can draw from us”. 

This residency program is made possible thanks to the support of our Polish partner A-i-R Wro