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Jean - Christophe Denis

Ride my bike

Jean-Christophe Denis is a French photographer based in Strasbourg. His world is inspired by lights, shadows and movements. Poetic and inspired Lumière divines and the autoportraits Ride my bike are very good examples of what his universe is made of.

After Strasbourg, Pilsen is the second European Capital of Culture city where Jean- Christophe Denis will stroll with his bicycle / pinhole order to save his "extraordinary images" during trips taken daily by people. In parallel, the artist will install on the emblematic squares of Pilsen with his bike equipped with a large format pinhole. It will make a photographic work on some buildings and timeliness of Pilsen .

The entire production will be presented and offered for sale at a collective exhibition "Ateliers nomades" from September 30 to October 18 in DEPO2015.

Check his website here.