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Juliana Höschlová

Czech visual artist (*1987, Prague) based in Berlin. Thanks to our partner S.T.A.i.R. Juliana Höschlová has been invited to develop her long-term project White Land within two months residency in Graz, Austria from May till July 2017.

The White Land project has already started in occasion of group show Huckepack in Dresden, 2016, where she made a huge collage drawing on the paper presenting the term White Land, with a meaning of fortress Europe. 

"I created an online blog and I continuously post drawings reflecting the migration to Europe." 

During the residence in Graz, she presented the articles from the Austrian newspapers Kronen Zeitung from the year 2015, the year of the outbreak of the immigration crisis. She had been collecting photographs from the local newspapers which were archived in public libraries as well as she had been focusing on the continuing and developing the on-line blog where the white man for her is still the leading race all around the globe.

Part of the presentation was the performance of the opened research space where one after another, every month separately, she presented the images and headlines of the whole year of 2015. Images and texts were laid by one foil over the other, thus at the end of the month the projected image on the wall turned into the black surface.

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Link to her website and portfolio:

Partners: S.T.A.i.R., Region of Styria, DEPO2015