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Kateřina Ždychová: The Olawskie suburb - It has a story to tell

Předměstí Olawskie má co vyprávět

1.7.2016 – 31.8.2016

The Olawskie suburb – It has a story to tell

KATEŘINA ŽDYCHOVÁ (*1987) is a Czech artist who studied Architecture and Building Engineering at the University of Prague and since then she has perfectly combined this field with arts. Actually, she has been working mainly in the fields of design, interior, architecture, exhibition design and management. Since 2014 she is the co-owner of OYE atelier where she can develop her main interests.

She has been selected to spend a two-months-long residency in Wroclaw –European Capital of Culture 2016 – within the frame of the A-i-R Wro program. “Spaces for Beauty” is the slogan of Wroclaw2016 and their aim“is to create open, dynamic and friendly spaces that will serve the human craving for communion with art and culture”. Therefore, the renovation and the rebuilding of different spaces play an important role in the capital.

Kateřina Ždychová will be working on the project called “The Olawskie suburb – It has a story to tell-“, which aim is to preserve the identity and character of the old part of the city while regenerating the local economy, thus, improving the living conditions of the inhabitants.

The main aim is to present, support and preserve the identity and character of this part in Wroclaw old city. The goal is to build Olawskie local community, regenerate the local economy, thus improving the living contitions of the inhabitantas and improvining the quality of ground floor, a parterre of the streets.


The project wants to support the connection of people in a real life. The aim of the project is to build nicer, functional, accesible streets. The area in the city centre where inhabitants want to live and stay, a part of the city which supports living, working and leisure time. The project wants to point out that every inhabitant can be well identified with his neighbourhood if he lives there, if he works there , if he knows the secret stories and in every case if he is involved in the life of the district. The goal is to make people feel proud of  being Olawskie inhabitant.