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Něco se děje, protože se něco děje, protože se něco děje

The Slovak-born Matej Al-Ali (*1985) is a well-known artist living and working in Prague. His work centres on exploring object mechanics, physical work and tactility. During his stay in Košice, he researched the importance and the presence of monuments. Monuments in the public space serve as a reminder of historical events and also underscore the authorities that control public areas. Throughout the years, awareness of these historical events has been gradually fading, but their aura remains. It becomes an orientation point, a catalyst for meetings in the public space. The project works with human power. It is possible to change the purpose of a monument by activating a group of people. Experiencing such a change is reflected in other events and becomes one of the ways of perceiving the present state of things. The original meaning of the obelisk has faded over the centuries, but it is up to us to find a new way of using such monuments.