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Patricia Leighton


Born in Scotland, Patricia Leighton received her BA degree at Edinburgh College of Art. She also studied at the School of Fine at Poznan, where she received her MA degree.

She received many awards from Scottish Arts Council travel and Fellowship awards, New York Foundation for the Arts award, and Pollock Krasner Foundation grants. Patricia Leighton usually works in the open, intervening directly with the landscape, carving out of the ground, and sculpting with earth. The landscape and environs influence her approach and use of materials.

Patricia Leighton has been making art in the public realm for over 25 years, creating large-scale permanent commissions worldwide, which relate to the history of a given site and the relevant environmental and ecological conditions. Patricia’s Land-art functions on a number of levels, enabling a wide public to relate to the work. The earthworks and the freestanding sculptures reflect the historical and environmental specificity of their setting. Whether seen quickly from a vehicle, or pondered at length, the works captivate their audience and instill contemplation.

In Pilsen she created megalythic installation called Entablaturae, which references the old architectural principle and also type of vulcanic material. Three giant stones were installed onto outlook of city bath near the river Radbuza. Their curvy surface reminds waters of the river and they seem to levitate in the air. We hope you will find this meditating spot soon and fall in love with it´s mysterious genius loci.