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Pavel Trnka

The Regensburg Project

Pavel Trnka is a Czech artist mainly inspired by the industrial design of Ostrava where he worked on steam-punk and futuristic machinery-like drawings. During his residency he worked with big sized formats which spreads over the walls of gallery.  The content of the artworks was inspired by his momentary state of mind and impressions from his surroundings.

During his residence  he creted monumental artworks, a charcoal drawings. His intention wass to absorb the atmosphere of Regensburg and transform it into his art. In several weeks he sketched streets, people and situations around him. Through watercolour paintings or charcoal drawings Trnka expressed his impression of the city. As he admits, it is hard to tell  what exactly inspired him, if specific place/person/situation or just an abstract feeling.

We are glad for cooperation with Kunstverein GRAZ gallery, which provided space and accomodation for our artist.