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Zita Oberwalder (1958) is an Austrian photographer born in Leisach Osttirol who has been working as a freelance artist since 1987.  Interested in architectural and artistic photography and its educational field, she has made exhibitions both at home and abroad. 

The journey occupies a very important place in her lasts artworks, consisting mainly of white and black photographs taken in her long travels within different countries. 

Lately, she has been working on the project “Hotel Europe” in which she researches the relationship between the past and the present in addition to historical and psychological frontiers. It is a work about borders, neighbourhoods, space / between / lands / no man’s land. The aim of her stay in Pilsen is to keep developing the project and as she explains ‘my work will be a possible translation of the city and its surroundings into pictures – on foot, by bus and train-‘. Without doubt, it would be a perfect chance to reflect on the meaning of our landscape, the altered nature in contrast to the urban scenario and the existential relationship we have with our surrounding.

Here you can find more information about Zita Oberwalder’s last work “Kill your darlings”.

This residency project is made possible thanks to a financial support of our Austrian partner S.T.A.i.R.; the region of Styria, Department 9 Culture, Europe.